The Great Garlic Scape!

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Trillium Art

One of my favourite things to grow in my veggie patch is garlic.  It is very easy (which is great for busy people) and it tastes great in our cooking!  I find that the garlic we harvest is sweeter than the garlic available in the stores.  It’s hard to see the imported garlic in the […]

What’s Your Favourite Flower?

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by Trillium Art

A simple question always brings a smile to my face.  People quite innocently ask me “what’s your favourite flower”?  Well, for me, there is no easy answer to that one! As a landscape designer, I tend to think in combinations usually with perennials (flowers that return in the garden year after year).  This, of course, […]

‘Snip and Come Again’ Garden :: The Salad Bowl

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Trillium Art

There is a lot of talk about eating local foods.  It supports our local farmers, reduces our carbon footprint and I think it just tastes better!  What if you only had to walk out your back door to get everything you needed for a fresh green salad? Fresh greens are the first thing that I […]

Shop Smart this Holiday Weekend

Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by Trillium Art

There is a strange phenomenon that happens in our garden centres in Southern Ontario during the Victoria Day Holiday Weekend.  It is part of the May frenzy where homeowners wake up from their winter hibernation and start to embrace spring and summer! Let’s start by saying that this was indeed a odd, non-traditional Canadian winter […]

What’s in your Window? :: Keeping it Fresh for Mother’s Day!

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by Trillium Art

Spring.  What a wonderful season, full of longer sunlit days and warm misty rains.  Things are starting to come alive in our gardens, all in different shades of green.  What a wonderful symbol of a fresh start…promises that my good intentions of last year will be fulfilled. However, I have become impatient with my garden.  […]

Bringing Spring to the Front Door!

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by Trillium Art

Looking around at the magazines, clothes, home and garden decor, colour seems to be the big story!  After the wonderful weather that southern Ontario enjoyed in March, spring seems to be in a holding pattern. I’m ready for spring and all the colours that it has to offer.  Now that the snows of last week […]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Trillium Art

Canadian Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis) This small native tree is by far my favourite plant and I use in my designs quite often.  It can be considered a large shrub or small tree and can have a single stem or multistem.  The reason that I love this plant is that it is so versatile in the […]

Thanks For a Great Show!

Posted on: April 23rd, 2012 by Trillium Art

As the snows swirl around us this evening, in yet another bizarre twist of weather this spring, I wanted to send out sincere thanks to all who joined us at the Made by Hand show in Mississauga this past weekend. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you all about gardening and photography.  I hope that […]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by Trillium Art

Canada Plum (Prunus nigra) Spring colour comes early in our forests.  This small upright-branched tree is native to southern and eastern Ontario, found in thickets, stream banks and woodland edges.  The Latin name (Prunus nigra) refers to the smooth, dark (or ‘black’) branches.  It’s white, fragrant flowers bloom before the leaves in large clusters that […]

Looking for Spring at The Arboretum (Guelph)

Posted on: April 10th, 2012 by Trillium Art

All nature is but art unknown” ~Alexander Pope What a wonderful Easter weekend full of family visits and good food.  However, our seasonal weather seems to almost be a let-down after the taste of warmer sunshine just a few weeks ago.  The winter coats have moved to the front of the closet and the shorts […]