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Posted on: March 17th, 2017 by Trillium Art

This is the last weekend for Canada Blooms and if you are like us with snow still in the forecast…you won’t want to miss a chance to stop and smell the Tulips.

One of the family events we had planned during our spring break was a trip to see Canada Blooms at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto.  Well, actually, I was there to see Canada Blooms, although my children were looking forward to seeing the dream home at the International Home Show.  That morning we had woken up to a white garden and headed to Toronto for a breath of spring!

It didn’t take us long to be wowed!  With this year being the 150th celebration of Canada, the theme of ‘Oh! Canada’ was not only taken literally, but embraced by the presenters!  There were of course a lot of red and white but what we loved the most was the interpretation that each garden portrayed their version of Canadiana!

From trees and water, to outdoor fireplaces, to canoes and of course the flowers!  The children loved exploring and reported back about the many things that they saw.  My Sweet Pea loved the story and gardens called the Secret Path.  My Runner Dude of course was drawn to the Lamborghini and was worried that the flowers didn’t scratch the windshield.  Hubby enjoyed taking his time and exploring each space, noticing how many gardens included hammocks!

For myself, I let my senses do the exploring.  I loved the fragrance of the flowers, the sound of the water, the colours and combinations of plants and the feel of the texture of different materials.  I was pleased to see so many exhibits dedicated to pollinators as well as the amount of information on growing your own food.  We had fun checking out the vendors and I just might have brought home a few additional plants!

I hope you enjoy the following pics, feel free to view the remainder on the Gallery Page.

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