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Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Trillium Art


This is definitely the season for Hydrangeas!  Mid-summer is when they really start to shine.  I have been working on our front garden, an extension of the porch – my favourite outdoor room.  This receives late afternoon sunshine which makes it the perfect spot for a quiet cup of tea at the end of the day.

To say I like hydrangeas, might be an understatement.  They are so versatile, easy to grow, colourful and are available in so many varieties.  There are now 5 different kinds of hydrangeas in this garden alone.  The taller ones include the PG Hydrangea Standard and Phantom Hydrangea, while the smaller ones include the Blushing Bride, a blue variety and my feature today: Pistachio Hydrangea.


This unique variety is eye-catching and stopped me in my tracks!  The large bloom heads are full of lime green petals, accented with pink-burgundy.  When I began to read up on this new introduction, I continued to be impressed and knew it would look great in our new garden.  The form is compact and rounded so it needs to be towards the front of the border.  It is also a reblooming hydrangea meaning that it will bloom on both last year’s and this year’s growth.  This hydrangea should bloom into fall as long as the spent flowerheads are removed.  Wow!  More blooms for my buck!


The Pistachio Hydrangea would be stunning as a low hedge or a massed grouping in the shrub border. Hydrangeas also do well in containers and I think it would be wonderful on a patio or balcony so the blooms can be admired up close and personal.  If so, place the hydrangea in the ground for the winter so that you can enjoy it next year as well.

For our garden, I choose to have this as a specimen, an accent near the porch where we can see it every day.  This balances the colour of the Japanese Maple (at the other end of the garden) and ties the burgundy colour across the garden.  My Pistachio Hydrangea has Apricot Sparkles Daylily surrounding it with yews planted behind it to show off the colours as much as possible.

What a neat, funky plant!  Now I just need it to grow!  I know, I know…patience…


Zone:  5

Light Conditions:  part shade

Soil Conditions:  prefers rich, medium moisture, well-drained soil

Height:  24” – 36”

Spread:  3’ – 5’

Foliage:  glossy green leaves up to 6” long

Flower Power:  5” mophead blooms open green, tinged with chartreuse (pistachio colours) but as they develop the centre of each flowers turns pinky-scarlet with a small blue eye.

Tips:  great cut flower in fall arrangements


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