{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Double Scoop Mandarin Coneflower (Echinacea)

Posted on: July 15th, 2015 by Trillium Art


Ahh, the beauty of summer gardens! It doesn’t matter the time of day you visit the garden, there will always be something new to see. The dew on the petals in the morning, the cool, shady foliage plants at mid-day and the glow of the colours at twilight, all help to captivate the beauty of the garden at this time of year.

In my mind, the blooming of the coneflower, is truly the arrival of summer. These flowers love the sun and heat while showing off their wonderful bright colours. They look stunning as cut flowers in a vase either inside or outside on the patio. When I was first captivated by perennials (many, many years ago), coneflowers would bloom their summer flowers in shades of purple or white. Since then, I have followed the introductions of the first double flowers (even double decker flowers), then the many different colours of flowers from pinks to orange, even red and green!

This Mandarin Coneflower belongs to the Double Scoop Series – similar to the Double Scoop Bubble Gum Coneflower. It has been bred to be sturdy and compact with large, double flowers and a brilliant, non-fading colour. The Double Scoop Mandarin Coneflower has large, double flowers with a coppery-coloured centre surrounded by flared petals. I love the blends of orange with pink together!


This perennial falls under the category of low maintenance and can be planted as a mass for a stunning effect, in borders or in containers. Coneflowers continually bloom from midsummer to fall, especially if the faded blooms are removed. However, at the end of the season, many winter song birds will appreciate a few seed-heads left in the garden as additional food. The dried flowers also provide winter interest in the garden…something you might appreciate once January rolls around!

There are a few coneflowers existing in my gardens…but there is room for many more! I have plans for a collection of tall coneflowers in one garden and another spot set aside for the compact varieties. This one is definitely a contender for my collection for sure!


What are your favourite summer perennials?

Zone: 4

Light Conditions: full sun, heat tolerant

Height and Spread: 20”

Flower Power: double flowers with an orange centre from midsummer to early fall

Tips: attracts butterflies, great cut flower

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