Sounds of Nature :: Water and Music in the Garden

Posted on: June 26th, 2015 by Trillium Art

“Humans need to touch natural materials as often as possible to connect us to what is real.” Walt Rickli.

This past Father’s Day found us once again meeting family in Lowville, Ontario. It seems like the perfect half-way spot for us all to meet. The day was beautiful, the patio was sunny and the food at the Lowville Bistro was delicious!




From our previous visit, we remembered the intriguing sculpture park and the kids headed straight there! It was interesting to see how they interacted with the sculptures, 3 years later. The sound of water over several of the sculptures was soothing and masked the busyness of the larger park nearby.  Follow this link to hear the video on Instagram.




This public space is beautifully designed to have each vignette artfully showcasing each sculpture. After reading the background of the artist, Walt Rickli, I now understand how his background in horticulture and landscaping helped him to create this wonderful space.



Several of the sculptures were new since our last visit, and we enjoyed how each meticulously maintained garden rooms, led to the next. It was cool and shady in the garden and with the gentle sounds of the water on stone (as well as the kids on the stone xylophone), it was a lovely, peaceful part of our afternoon.




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