{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Blue Zebra Primrose (Primula)

Posted on: April 15th, 2015 by Trillium Art


Poof!  And just like that it is spring again!  I had a sudden urge this past weekend to spend as much time as I could outside.  It was wonderful!  The birdhouses and feeders were washed and hung ready for new neighbours. Some additional pruning was tackled to keep on top of the winter damaged shrubs.


Some definite spring cleaned happened on the front porch!  The winter displays were dismantled and composted. The porch was given a good sweep and pots along with my favourite bench were added and arranged.


Bedtime stories on the front porch!

There seemed to be something missing.  Ah, yes…colour!  Three containers now sport spring blues, yellows and pinks to give the porch a splash of colour making the front door more inviting.  The combinations include pussy willows and daffodils for a ‘thriller’ (the tall focal point of the container), while pansies and primroses are part of the ‘filler’ (the collection of plants that fill out the container), the periwinkle create the ‘spiller’ aspect of the container design (the plants that offer colour and flowers cascading from the container to soften the display).


I usually pick primroses to use in my spring containers for a number of reasons.  They’re are perennial and after the container is finished, I can plant them in my garden so they will come back and flower next year.  The other reason is that intensity of colour is quite powerful.  They are available in almost every colour of the rainbow.  Love that!

However, a new primrose stopped me in my tracks last week.  The Blue Zebra Primrose is stunning and made me look twice!  (Like that doesn’t happen often!  LOL) The light sky-blue and white striped pattern on the petals is extraordinary, contrasting against a bright yellow centre.  This variety makes a great container plant with its upright growing habit that allows the flowers to be front and centre.  There is no missing this treasure!


I will definitely add this primrose to my shade garden under the lilacs with my Anna’s Red Lenten Rose.  It has spring sunshine but will have a filtered shade throughout the heat of the summer.  I have a feeling that I will need to add more compost before either perennial gets planted.

What’s in your spring planter?  Are you also a fan of primroses?

Zone:  4
Height:  6”
Light:  can tolerate full sun in the spring but needs filtered shade for the summer
Soil:  Prefers rich humus soil with lots of compost
Bloom:  striking blue and white striped petals surrounding a yellow centre
Tips:  plant them in the garden to enjoy next year!



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