{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Earlicheer Paperwhite (Narcissus)

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by Trillium Art


With only 30 days until the first day of spring (and yes, I’m counting!) I am ready to put winter behind us and look forward to spring. Don’t get me wrong, our family has enjoyed this winter with our walks along the trails and our science experiments off the back deck.


Frozen Waterfall along the Grand River


Throwing Boiling Water into -40 deg C Wind Chills

Having fun with some Action Photography!

Having fun with some Action Photography!



To help my indoor garden feel like spring, I have been forcing bulbs such as hyacinths and paperwhites adding blooms and fragrance to our home.

Spring Hyacinths

Spring Hyacinths


We have enjoyed other Paperwhite varieties in the past such as Ziva Paperwhites and Chinese Sacred Lilies, however the Earlicheer Paperwhite has such beautiful double flowers with a lovely sweet scent.

To force paperwhites, nestle the bulbs in some coloured pebbles and fill the container with water until it reaches the bottom of the bulb. I left the container in a window receiving direct morning light. In about 10 days I had wonderful blooms! Definitely a treat during the snowy, cold winter!


This particular paperwhite is considered a reliable bulb for forcing and a dependable bulb when planted in gardens in the southern States. The extra tall flower stalks make for a great cut flower. Each stem holds a 3-5” cluster of about 4-8 flowers. Each individual flower is double petaled, giving it a ‘fluffy’ appearance.


I am definitely enjoying my indoor spring garden as the days get longer and the sun is getting stronger. It won’t be long (hoping!) that we will soon be celebrating our spring garden outside as well.

What indoor spring plants are you currently enjoying?


Zone: 9-11

Light Conditions: full sun

Height: 10-14”

Flowers: double creamy white flowers with a bright yellow centre arranged in clusters at the top of each flower stalk

Leaves: grassy, green leaves add to the texture of the flowers

Tips: scent is honey-sweet not musky

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