{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by Trillium Art


The arrival of the first seed catalogue in the mail last week coincided with our first dusting of snow. And if I wasn’t convinced…the first snowday for my sweet pea was yesterday. Suddenly she saw a different side of being a new bus student. The beginnings of a fort in our backyard are the fruits of her labour!

As a result of the changing season, the next three wordless Wednesdays (starting today) are going to focus on indoor plants, specifically dwarf tropicals. Trillium Art has been selling Fairy Gardens at recent craft shows and our next show is…coming up soon – in two and a half weeks! I am very excited to be part of the Made By Hand Christmas Show on December 6-7, 2014 (10:00am – 4:00pm) at the Careport Centre in Hamilton, ON. If you are in the area, please drop by and visit us at booth #174 – We would love to see you!

This Fairy Garden features a dwarf succulent and a dwarf Peace Lily which won’t grow much larger that 12-15” in total. This cute little fairy sits underneath the gracefully arching dark-green leaves (about 10” long) while the flowers rise above the plant. This dwarf plant suits our scene by giving our collection of miniatures the scale it needs to make it believable.


The standard Peace Lily makes a wonderful houseplant as it tolerates the average indoor conditions better than most other houseplants. It is considered one of the best air purifiers by breaking down and neutralizing toxic gases inside its pores (such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide). The Peace Lily prefers bright light but not direct sunlight, scorched or yellow leaves may be an indicator that it is receiving too much sun. When in the right light conditions, the leaves are a lovely, glossy dark-green colour and are strongly veined, arching away from the base. Keep the leaves dust-free by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. This helps them to process the light better.

The Peace Lily’s white ‘flowers’ are really just a leaf bract or spathe growing like a hood over the actual flowers. The spathe emerges pale green turning white as it opens surrounding the protruding spadix that is densely covered by it’s tiny, true flowers. Blooms can last for two months or more. Plants will go through a rest period after flowering.


Care for this houseplant is quite easy as it tends to sag a bit when it needs water. This is a great indicator to follow, to avoid overwatering as it perks up quickly after a long drink. Spritzing the leaves during the summer growing season will help with the plants’ growth. Throughout the winter, Peace Lilies will need less water.

When someone asks me for suggestions about a houseplant in a darker room, I immediately think of the Peace Lily. It brightens up guest rooms, offices and hospital rooms adding just enough green as well as purifying the air. This little fairy has picked the perfect spot to have a wee rest!


Zone: 10

Light Conditions: prefers bright light, not direct sunlight (perfect in a room that faces north or west)

Height: standard Peace Lily can grow to 24 – 40”, the dwarf can grow to 12 – 15”

Foliage: dark green leaves arching from the base

Tips: has an easy indicator when needing water, thrives in low light conditions, easy care and very resilient

**This plant is mildly toxic to humans but can irritate an animal’s mouth and tummy. If hands become irritated when handling a Peace Lily, simply wash with soap and water.**

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