{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Jade Frost Sea Holly (Eryngium)

Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by Trillium Art


This past August, my ‘Sweet Pea’ and I attended the Open House for the Trial Gardens at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute.  It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon and we enjoyed wandering up and down the rows looking at all the flowers.  I gave the job of selecting our favourites and marking them with flags to my companion and she took that job quite seriously.  I, on the other hand was attempting to take photos, in between the gusts of wind!

The Sea Holly family has not been one that I have paid much attention to in the past.  The Jade Frost variety however, caught my eye.  Sea Holly as a family, prefer dry, sandy, well-drained soils in full sun – even tolerating poor soil conditions.  It grows from a tap root which may make transplanting tricky but once established, you won’t be disappointed!  Be sure not to overwater this plant as it likes it hot and dry.  Given these conditions, I’m surprised it was doing so well in the manicured and well maintained plantings of the Trial Gardens.

Jade Frost is the only variegated Sea Holly with showy, blue-green leaves with bold creamy white margins.  The silverly blue stems stand high above the rosettes of foliage with thistle-like flowers.  These stems are often favoured for arrangements as they keep their colour and form for many weeks.

I will have to add this to my wish list for my future butterfly garden.  Once planted, I will be testing how resistant they are from the cottontail rabbits that we have here!

Zone:  5

Light Conditions:  Full Sun

Height: 18” – 24”

Spread: 12” – 18”

Foliage:  blue-green leaves edged in cream that turn pink in cooler weather

Flower Power:  violet-blue, thistle-like flower heads in early to midsummer, long lasting

Tip:  great for drought tolerant gardens, attracts butterflies, excellent for cut flowers in either fresh or dried flower arrangements, rabbit and deer resistant

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