{Almost} Wordless Wednesday :: Golden Mockorange (Philadelphus)

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by Trillium Art

When the name ‘Mockorange’ is mentioned, images of an old-fashioned leggy shrub comes to mind. However, the scent of a mockorange is a fabulous, sweet, citrusy perfume and this alone leaves a lasting impression. There are several different types of mockoranges on the market today, each with a slightly different scent. If you are purchasing a specific mockorange for fragrance alone, it is best to compare the shrubs when they are in flower at a garden centre. This ensures you are finding the scent you prefer. (What a delightful way to spend an afternoon!)

The Golden Mockorange is a wonderful combination of contrasting leaf colour and perfume together, and has proven to be a valuable plant for a shrub border. This more recent introduction of the golden variety is perhaps more suited to smaller gardens as it remains more compact that it’s precursor found in older, more established gardens.

Try planting this feature shrub as an accent plant with other shrubs of contrasting foliage and textures such as burgundy weigelas, fine-textured maiden grasses, and dwarf coneflowers or burgundy-flowering sedums.

Zone: 3

Light Conditions: full sun, although leaves have been known to burn (will also do well in part shade)

Height: 6′ height and spread

Leaves: golden yellow, making this a wonderful contrasting shrub in the planting border,

Flower Power: clusters of very fragrant, single white flowers with yellow ‘eyes’, from May to June

Tip: prized for such a powerful scent, attracts butterflies, deer resistant, prune the plant immediately after flowering to promote future flower growth

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