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Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by Trillium Art

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Landscape Ontario’s Garden and Floral Expo at the Toronto Congress Centre.  It was a fantastic chance to get away from my desk and rub elbows with suppliers and fellow trades people.  It was great to see many individuals that I know as well as familiar products.  I also had fun meeting new suppliers, checking out some new plants and getting inspired for the next season during the seminars.

The New Product Showcase is a must see for new plants, products and interesting ideas.  One of the plants that I can’t wait to see next year is Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Savant’.  It wasn’t in flower, but that is not what caught my eye.  I loved the dark green, glossy foliage and I think it would look great in a shady garden with a gold Coral Bells or variegated Hosta!

Savant Hydrangea :: photo from Ball Horticulture Company

Heritage Perennials is always one of my favourite booths to visit.  Their display was beautifully done with perennials in full bloom and of course magnificant grasses offering colour, height and texture to their displays (check out their Facebook page for photos).  I headed straight for the brochure outlining the upcoming perennials for 2013.  There are too many to mention, but here is a teaser to whet your appetite!

Coco Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘Coco’):

Coco Coral Bells (Heuchera) :: photo taken from Terra Nova Nurseries

– dark chocolate leaves forming a mini mound with short stems of light pink bell flowers in late spring into early fall
– miniature of Obsidian Heuchera

– I’m thinking a great container plant





Sandy Yellow Coneflower (Echinacea sombrero ‘Sandy Yellow’):

Sandy Yellow Coneflower (Echinacea :: photo taken from Darwin Perennials

– a new series of Coneflowers that are compact and sturdy,  with increased flower power
– hardy to zone 4

– Perhaps in a container with the Coco Coral Bells above?






Silver Mist Lavender (Lavendula ‘Silver Mist’):

Silver Mist Lavender (Lavendula) :: photo taken from Wayside Gardens

– bushy, well branched fragrant silvery foliage
– lavender purple flowers that will bloom two weeks later that other lavender plants

– Mix with other lavender varieties for a longer bloom time







I will definitely be blogging more in the months to come as we anticipate these new perennials for 2013.

Other great finds were:

Cutting Edge Grass Seed
– an improved blend of Kentucky bluegrass and other top-rated cultivars
– can grow deep roots up to 48″
– requires minimal cutting, minimal watering and minimal fertilizing

The Veggie Guy
– looking forward to adding my sample of the Red Robin dwarf tomato to my windowsill garden – Thank You!

Red Robin Dwarf Tomato :: from The Veggie Guy

Floral Dimensions
– great wooden raised beds for vegetable planting, definitely make square foot gardening easier
– beautiful succulents, great for containers on hot dry patios or sunny gardens

Natural Landscape Magazine
– Canada’s Outdoor Design and Lifestyle Magazine
– looking forward to reading the issue I received at the show

The displays and seminars that got my creative juices flowing were the ones that involved fresh greens, oasis, berries, birch stems, pinecones, dogwood and just enough bling to make things sparkle.  I’m already looking towards the next season with Trillium Art’s winter card collections available soon.  I also love to work on outdoor winter arrangements (as long as the weather cooperates! LOL).

There were many suppliers with winter décor ideas and samples, such as:

Second Nature Designs Limited
– local supplier of dried floral home décor botanicals as well as fresh ornamental branches and berries

United Floral Distributors (UFD)
– their new products for Christmas included Silver Frost Magnolia Leaves, Gold Tip Cedar and Frosted Silver Cedar
– loved their quince and cedar swag

Quince and Cedar Swag taken with permission at the UFD booth using my phone (sorry for the poor quality!)

I enjoyed the presentation by Neville Mackay from My Mother’s Bloomers in Halifax, as he moderated two designers who created beautiful winter masterpieces.  Two completely different styles, with maybe a bit more bling that what I’m used to…but they definitely made a statement!  It was a great opportunity to see these designers at work and the chance to hear their design rational as they put things together.

What a great day!  So many new things to see, people to meet and design ideas to gather.  Definitely a productive day indeed.  Is it winter yet?  My hands are itchin’ to create!


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