The Art of Garden Design

Posted on: March 16th, 2012 by Trillium Art

I love art.  I love the colours, textures, media and how the artist puts it all together to express an idea, emotion or reflection.  I many not love every piece or want it in my home, but I appreciate what the artist has created!

The same can be said about our natural environment.  I love the colours, textures and forms.  Plants are never static and are always changing with the rhythm of the seasons and the weather.  Springtime is a most glorious time of year as our gardens start to awaken with the return of the birds, the smell of the warm soil, bulbs and perennials pushing through to the sunshine and the trees unfurling their leaves.  The colours in a garden will change as flowers and foliage unfurl and fade.  Textures change as breezes move the leaves.  Forms adjust and mature as the plants stretch and grow.

Red Spring Tulips

The changing seasons are what excites me about being in a garden.  As a landscape designer, my goal is help a garden reach its full potential for every season while creating spaces that suit the needs and wants comfortably of the people who use it.  Designing plant combinations, sculpture placement and paving layout all contribute to the art of garden design.

What better way to capture this changing art form than with a click of a camera shutter.  I have been taking pictures in the landscape since my first Kodak Instamatic at age 12. Over the years I have focused my lens on the details of botanicals.  I am fascinated with the elements of a petal, the colour of a flower,  the curve of a branch and how elements of garden design relate to each other throughout the seasons.

White Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis ‘Alba’)

Thank you for visiting Trillium Art.  Many of my seasonal botanical photographs can be found on the Gallery Page and can be purchased in the Shop.  I invite you to join my journey through the seasons of a Canadian garden as I share practical advice, encouragement and inspiration.

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